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Hampton Lucy, Clopton Bridgetown


Attested Copy Indenture of Assignment between Robert Meese of New Inn, Middlesex gentleman of the 1st part, Thomas Mortiboyes of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman of the 2nd part and Sir Hugh Clopton of Middle Temple, London knight of the 3rd part reciting that by a Bond dated 30th June 1732 Sir Hugh Clopton became bound to Robert Meese for £400 and that for securing such sum Robert Meese in Trinity Term 1733 recovered judgement for a penal sum of £800 in the Court of Common Pleas and reciting Thomas Mortiboyes had advanced to Robert Meese the sum of £400 and the interest thereon had been paid by Sir Hugh Clopton, it was thereby witnessed that Robert Meese in consideration of the sum of £400 to him paid by Thomas Mortiboyes, at the direction of Sir Hugh Clopton, assigned the benefit of the said Bond of Record for £400 to Thomas Mortiboyes. Witnessed by William Hunt and William Wake. Attested 27th March 1845 by Edward J. B. Jellicoise and Matthew Marshall.