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Hampton Lucy, Clopton Bridgetown


Attested Copy Indenture of Assignment between Thomas Mortibois of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman of the 1st part, Sir Hugh Clopton of Stratford-upon-Avon knight, Sir Charles Mordaunt of Walton baronet and Newsham Pears of Alveston esquire of the 2nd part, Mary Jones of Bruton Street in the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Middlesex widow and Mary Jones spinster, her daughter of the 3rd part and Humphrey Edwin of the said Parish of St. George, Hanover Square esquire of the 4th part. Reciting DR 38/1173, DR 38/1774, DR 38/1176, DR 38/1177, DR 38/1178 DR 38/11790, it was thereby witnessed that Thomas Mortibois in consideration of £1600 paid to him by Mary Jones widow and Mary Jones spinster (at the direction of Sir Hugh Clopton, Sir Charles Mordaunt and Newsham Pears) assigned the residue of the term of 99 years in the premises described in DR 38/1173 and vested in him by the Indenture of 30th June 1739 (DR 38/1176) to Humphrey Edwin in trust for Mary Jones widow and Mary Jones spinster and it was further witnessed that he Thomas Mortibois assigned to Humphrey Edwin the benefit of the Bond for securing £400 (referred to in DR 38/1177) in trust as aforesaid. Witnessed by Henry Turbitt, Thomas Hopwood and Bart Mason. Attested 27th March 1845 by Edward J. B. Jellicoise and Matthew Marshall.