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Hampton Lucy Clopton etc.


Indenture of Conveyance between Charles Thomas Warde late of Welcombe Lodge but then of Clopton House esquire of the 1st part, Mark Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire and also of Snitterfield esquire of the 2nd part and John Reid of Newland Valley, Gloucestershire gentleman of the 3rd part. Reciting DR 38/1188 and the Will of George Lloyd (DR 38/1306) who died on 11th July 1831 and reciting DR 38/1309, DR 38/1310, DR 38/1311 DR 38/1313, and reciting the death of John Gameliel Lloyd on 4th January 1837 and also DR 38/1317 DR 38/1318, it was thereby witnessed that Charles Thomas Warde (devisee of George Lloyd) in consideration of £6950 paid to him by Mark Philips conveyed to Mark Philips the premises therein described with a Map and Schedule and being those referred to in DR 38/1188 to the use of Mark Philips for life to the use of John Reid during the life of Mark Philips upon determination of the life estate limited to Mark Philips, remainder to the use of Mark Philips and his heirs for ever. Signed Charles Thomas Warde (seal, a demi griffin engrailed) and Mark Philips (seal, Philips family coat of arms). Witnessed by Thomas Umbers solicitor Stratford-upon-Avon and Henry Bury solicitor, Manchester. Affidavit dated 13th January 1846 by Joseph Hyde of Ryon Hill, Hampton Lucy farmer as to the identity of the parcels sworn before Thomas Umbers.