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Lichfield, Shenstone, Woolstanton, Hampton Lucy, Stratford-upon-Avon, Polesworth, Madeley (Salop), Newcastle under Lyme, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire


Attested Copy Will of Jane Gastrell of Stow in the Parish of St. Chad, Lichfield widow of Francis Gastrell late Vicar of Frodsham, Cheshire clerk deceased whereby she devised to Thomas Hinckley of Lichfield gentleman and Francis Robinson of the same place gentleman and their heirs all her lands and hereditaments lying, or issuing out of lands, in the Parishes of St. Chad, St. Michael St. Mary in the City of Lichfield and in the Parishes of Shenstone and Woolstanton, Staffordshire, in Hampton Lucy and Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warton in the Parish of Polesworth and in the Parish of Madeley, Shropshire, also copyhold in the Manor of Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire and her estate in the hereditaments late the property of Sir Francis Knollys baronet deceased in the Counties of Berkshire, Oxford, Buckingham and Lincoln expectant on the death of Dame Mary Knollys his widow and all other her real estate upon trust to sell or convert and apply the proceeds and increase thereof towards payment of Testatrix's debts and legacies, and an annuity of £30 given by the Will of Testatrix's sister Magdalen Walmesley to her late servant Margaret Perkins for her life, and she bequeathed to Charlotte Bagnall spinster (then residing in her family) daughter of the Reverend Thomas Bagnall late of Droitwich, Worcestershire clerk deceased her leasehold messuage in the Close of Lichfield Cathedral and she bequeathed certain annuities for life amongst others, to Edward Gastrell of Chester esquire nephew of her late husband an annuity of £50, to Elizabeth Clutton niece of her late husband an annuity of £50, to Temperance Clutton of the Heath, Worcestershire widow an annuity of £50, to Sophia Pritchard one of the daughters of the late Sir Willoughby Aston baronet an annuity of £20 and the Testatrix bequeathed certain legacies more particularly therein described and she bequeathed £200 to the Treasurer for the Society for the discharge and relief of persons imprisoned for small debts, £100 to the Society for the abolition of the Slave Trade, £100 for the Establishment of Sunday Schools in Lichfield and Frodsham, Cheshire and other charitable bequests, and she gave certain specific articles of furniture and other wearing apparel to Charlotte Bagnall and others, and she bequeathed all the residue of her personal estate to Thomas Hinckley and Francis Robinson upon trust to sell and to pay legacies etc. and to pay the residue together with the residue of other real estate undisposed of to John Plampin one of the children of Testatrix's late niece Elizabeth Plampin of Chadacre, Suffolk, Robert Plampin George Plampin (brothers of the said John Plampin), Harriett Harrington, Sophia Magdalen Elizabeth Plampin (sisters of the said John Plampin), Henry Bruce of Ireland clerk and Stewart Bruce, brother of the said Henry then of the Royal Navy. And she appointed the said Thomas Hinckley and Francis Robinson her Executors. Witnessed by Thomas Heighway, Henry Watton and William Oakey junior. Attested 17th May 1793 by Henry Chinn and Francis Sharratt.