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Hampton Lucy


Indenture of Lease between the Reverend John Lucy of Charlecote House clerk of one part and Edward Hazelwood of Ingon Lane yeoman of the other part reciting DR 38/1196 and that Sarah Hazelwood had died and that Edward Hazelwood had requested John Lucy to grant him a new lease, it was witnessed that in consideration of the surrender of the Lease dated 23rd November 1791 (DR 38/1196) and also in consideration of a fine of 2/6 for adding a new life to the Lease of the premises he the said John Lucy demised the premises described in DR 38/1196 to Edward Hazelwood during the lives of Edward Hazelwood and John Hazelwood and the survivor of them and also for the life of Robert Hiorne Hobbes, son of Robert Hobbes of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman and Elizabeth Davenport Hobbes his wife, then of the age of 9 years and the survivor of them at a yearly rent of 2/6. Signed by John Lucy and by the mark of Edward Hazelwood. Seal, a monogram with letters H H thereon. Witnessed by Robert Hobbes attorney, Stratford-upon-Avon and John Lane, clerk to Mr. Hunt, and John Mills. Counterpart of the above.