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Hampton Lucy


Indenture of Mortgage between Thomas Hay Farren of Upper Ingon (eldest son and heir of Samuel Farren gentleman deceased, see DR 38/1144) of one part and Matthew Pearce of Alveston yeoman of the other part whereby Thomas Hay Farren demised the premises described in DR 38/1145 to Matthew Pearce in consideration of £600 for a term of 1000 years subject to a proviso for redemption upon repayment of £600 and interest by Thomas Hay Farren. Covenant by Thomas Hay Farren to levy a fine to the use of Matthew Pearce for a term of 1000 years, remainder to the use of Thomas Hay Farren and his heirs for ever. Signed Thomas Hay Farren. Seal, a head and shoulders. Witnessed by William Hunt and Charles H. Hunt. Receipt attached from Matthew Pearce dated 28th March 1789 of principal and interest.