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Hampton Lucy


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 21st May 1803 between John Payton of Shottery gentleman of the 1st part, Alice Nash of Webbs farm, Tardebigge, Worcestershire spinster of the 2nd part, Thomas hay Farren of Ingon gentleman (eldest son and heir of Samuel Farren late of Staple Inn, Middlesex gentleman, deceased) Martha his wife of the 3rd part and George Lloyd of Welcombe esquire of the 4th part. Reciting DR 38/1153, DR 38/1156 DR 38/1158, it was witnessed that in consideration of £1000 to Alice Nash paid by George Lloyd (at the direction of Thomas hay Farren) and also in consideration of £7300 paid by George Lloyd to Thomas Hay Farren (making a total purchase price of £8300), he the said Thomas Hay Farren conveyed to George Lloyd all the premises described in DR 38/1145 (formerly in the occupation of William Bradford but then divided into two farms in the respective occupations of Thomas Hay Farren and George Barnes). Covenant by Thomas Hay Farren and Martha his wife to levy a fine to enure to the benefit of George Lloyd and to bar dower. It was further witnessed that Alice Nash in consideration of £1000 paid to her assigned to George Lloyd the term of 1000 years limited to her by DR 38/1158 and John Payton (at the direction of Thomas Hay Farren) agreed to hold the term of 1000 years limited to him by DR 38/1156 in trust to attend the inheritance of George Lloyd. Signed John Payton, Alice Nash, Thomas Hay Farren and Martha Farren. Seal, a head and bust of a man. Witnessed by Joseph Brettell, Robert Hobbes and William Nash. Lease dated 20th May 1803 for one year of the same property by Thomas Hay Farren to George Lloyd. Signed Thomas Hay Farren. Witnessed by Joseph Brettell and Robert Hobbes attorney Stratford-upon-Avon.