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Indenture of Conveyance between Henry Cale of Stratford-upon-Avon yeoman Sarah his wife of the one part and William Cale of Clifford Chambers yeoman of the other part whereby Henry Cale and Sarah his wife in consideration of £210 to him paid by William Cale, conveyed to the said William Cale all that one yard land of arable meadow and pasture consisting of 62 lands selions or ridges of arable land and certain plots of meadow etc. in Welcombe made up of 16 selions in the Fallow field, 16 selions in the Wheat Field, 16 selions in the Pease Field and 14 selions in the Barley Field and 2 poles of meadow in the said Common Fields then in the occupation of Henry Cale with all appurtenances et5c.. Signed Henry Cale and by the mark of Sarah Cale. Seal wanting. Witnessed by Thomas Rawlins, William Greene, George Morris (by his mark), Richard Drayton, Edmund Rawlins and Joseph Court. Memorandum of Livery of Seisin endorsed made in the presence of Thomas Rawlins, William Challoner, Leonard Dawson and Richard Drayton. Schedule indented of the lands referred to above.