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Hampton Lucy


Indenture between Thomas Hay Farren late of Ingon but then of Clifford Chambers gentleman of the 1st part, George Lloyd of Welcombe esquire of the 2nd part and Thomas Woods Weston of Stratford-upon-Avon of the 3rd part reciting DR 38/1162 and that about the 19th October 1805, the said George Lloyd paid to Thomas Hay Farren £660 and at other times £1050 and t5hat there was then owing £4350 upon the Mortgage described in DR 38/1162, it was witnessed that Thomas Hay Farren in consideration of £4350 to him paid by Thomas Woods Weston assigned to Thomas Woods Weston the term of 1000 years limited to him by DR 38/1162 subject to a proviso for redemption. Signed Thomas Hay Farren, George Lloyd and Thomas Woods Weston. Witnessed by Joseph Brettell and Kelynge Greenway.