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Old Stratford, Bishopton, Shottery, Welcombe, Clifford Chambers Welford


Indenture of Conveyance between Frances Cale of Clifford Chambers widow of John Cale late of Clifford Chambers gentleman deceased (who was son and heir at law of William Cale theretofore of Clifford Chambers gentleman also deceased) of one part and Dorothy Williams of Little Wolford widow and Mary Cooper of the City of London widow (daughters and co-heiresses of Phillip Cale theretofore of Stratford-upon-Avon innholder deceased, who was the eldest brother of the said William Cale) of the other part whereby Frances Cale in performance of an agreement made 9th June 1697 by Dorothy Williams and Mary Cooper of one part and Frances Cale of the other part whereby it was agreed that the said Dorothy Williams and Mary Cooper should grant to Frances Cale an annuity of £35 for her life issuing out of the lands of the late William John Cale in Clifford Chambers in lieu of her dower issuing in the lands of her late husband John Cale did grant to the said Dorothy William and Mary Cooper all her estate right title in the hereditaments of John Cale in Clifford Chambers and Welford (see DR 38/1208) and also in the hereditaments described in DR 38/1202 and DR 38/1207 then described as being in the occupations of John Burman maltster and Samuel Smith. Signed Frances Cale. Witnessed by Richard Dighton, Joseph Hunt and William Challenor junior.