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Hampton Lucy, Clopton, Stratford-upon-Avon etc.


Attested Copy Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 18th May 1756 between Henry Talbot of the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Middlesex esquire Ann Boothby Skrymsher of the same place widow of one part and the Reverend Francis Gastrell of Frodsham, Cheshire clerk of the other part reciting the settlement whereby the hereditaments thereinafter mentioned, part of the estate of Sir Hugh Clopton were limited to Henry Talbot and Catherine his wife during their lives and the life of the survivor with remainder to the first and other sons successively in tail male of the said Catherine by Henry Talbot with remainder over in default of issue to the second son of Ann Boothby Skrymsher by Thomas Boothby Skrymsher deceased with remainders over in default of such issue to the younger sons of the said Ann and Thomas, with remainder to the first and other sons of the said Ann by any other husband and reciting that Catherine had died without issue and that the said Ann had but one son by the said Thomas Boothby Skrymsher and had become sole heir of Sir Hugh Clopton and reciting the Will of Sir Hugh Clopton (see DR 38/1182) whereby Henry Talbot was residuary devisee and legatee of the estate of Sir Hugh Clopton, it was thereby witnessed that Henry Talbot and Ann Boothby Skrymsher in consideration of £4000 paid to Mary Jones widow and Mary Jones spinster (Mortgagees by DR 38/1180) and in consideration of £2702-5-4 (being the residue of £6702-5-4 agreed upon as purchase money) paid to them by Francis Gastrell, they the said Henry Talbot and Ann Boothby Skrymsher conveyed the messuage and premises at New Place with appurtenances also 3 closes adjoining the Common Fields of Old Stratford and Bishopton called Jakeman's Grounds (28 acres) also 3 closes in Clopton, two of which were called Edkins Leasowes and the other of whereby was called Furzen Hill (containing together 50 acres) also part of a close called Grove Leasowe lying near Clopton Park (26 acres) also a meadow called Smart's Close (9 acres) also a meadow theretofore called Horne's Close but then called Windmill Ground (21 acres0 and divided into 3 parts also all tithes of hay and corn arising from the said messuages and hereditaments situate at Clopton, also a messuage and farm in the tenure of Thomas Jeacock and a meadow in the occupation of Sir John Clopton which last mentioned premises were situate at Ingon and called Hogg Leasowes, Hogg Leasowe Meadow, Poole Leasowes, Poole Leasowe Meadow and Ram Close containing in all 130 acres also 8 closes theretofore Sally Closes situate in the Manors of Ryhon Clifford and Bridgetown and the tithes of corn and hay issuing therefrom then in the occupations of John Payton, Simon Ball, Richard Meades and ---- Newcombe also a messuage in Stratford-upon-Avon called the Folly to Francis Gartsell and his heirs for ever. Witnessed by Robert Pardoe and Richard Whishaw. Lease dated 17th May 1756 between the same parties of the same premises. Witnessed as before. Attested 2nd April 1845 by Edward J. B. Jellicoise and Matthew Marshall, clerks to Messrs. Cunliffes, Charlewood Bury, solicitors Manchester.