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Hampton Lucy Clopton etc.


Attested Copies of Lease and Release, the Release dated 2nd May 1793 between Thomas Hinckley and Francis Robinson both of Lichfield gentlemen (devisees in trust named in the Will of Jane Gastrell late of Stow in the Parish of St. Chad, Lichfield) of the 1st part, the Reverend John Plampin of Jesus College, Cambridge clerk, Robert Plampin, Lieutenant in H. M. Royal Navy, George Plampin of the University of Cambridge aforesaid, James Harrington of Hartest, Suffolk surgeon Harriett his wife, the Reverend William Macklin of Bradfield Lodge, Suffolk clerk Sophia his wife, Elizabeth Plampin of Bradfield Lodge aforesaid spinster, the Reverend Henry Bruce of Blackheath near Coleraine, Ireland clerk and Stewart Bruce of Blackheath aforesaid esquire (the residuary legatees named in the Will of Jane Gastrell) of the 2nd part, Henry Harvey Aston of Aston, Cheshire esquire heir at law of Jane Gastrell of the 3rd part and George Lloyd of Welcombe Lodge esquire of the 4th part. Reciting DR 38/1187 and the death of the said Jane Gastrell on 30th October 1791, it was thereby witnessed that Thomas Hinckley Francis Robinson in consideration of £9400 to them paid by George Lloyd, at the direction of the persons of the 2nd part and Henry Harvey Aston in consideration of 5/- to him paid by George Lloyd at the request of Thomas Hinckley Francis Robinson, conveyed to George Lloyd several closes adjoining the Common Fields of Old Stratford and Bishopton theretofore called Jakeman's Grounds, Smarts Meadow and Horne's Close or Windmill Ground and then called Windmill Hill, Spiers Close, Picked Close and Smarts Close and Hop Yards situate in or near Clopton Park (then disparked) containing 57 acres, 0 roods and 19 perches, all which hereditaments were theretofore in the occupation of John Payton and then of Elizabeth Barbe, also of tithes of hay and corn issuing out of the same and a messuage and farm land called Clopton Farm containing 82a-1r-34p (including Kings Lane) and then in the occupation of Richard Sparks the younger also the tithes of corn and hay issuing out of the same also a messuage with barns etc. in Old Stratford and Hampton Lucy theretofore in the tenure of Thomas Jeacocke and then of Richard Sparks the elder and a meadow also in his occupation formerly of Sir John Clopton all which last mentioned premises were situate in Ingon (Hampton Lucy) and theretofore called Hog Leasowes, Hog Leasowe Meadow, Pool Leasowe Meadows and Ram Close containing 135a-2r-7p, all which messuages, lands hereditaments were formerly of the estate of Sir Hugh Clopton and afterwards of Francis Gastrell subject nevertheless, inter alia, to an annual sum of 24/-, part of £2 payable to the Corporation of Stratford-upon-Avon in lieu of Privy Tithes and of £16 per annum to the said Corporation (see DR 38/1173) and £1-13-4 per annum to the Rector of Hampton Lucy in lieu of tithe. Witnessed by Joseph Lane Yeomans, James Panton, J. Hodges, John Bevan, Thomas Bird, William Oakey junior and Richard Samuel White. Copy Lease dated 1st May 1793 for one year by Thomas Hinckley, Francis Robinson and Henry Harvey Aston to George Lloyd of the same premises. Copy Power of Attorney by Stewart Bruce to Joseph Lane Yeomans of Clements Inn gentleman to execute the conveyance on his behalf. Attested 4th April 1845 by Edward Jellicoise and Matthew Marshall, clerks to Messrs. Cunliffes, Charlewood Bury solicitors, Manchester.