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Welcombe, Old Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bishopton and Hampton Lucy


Indenture of Assignment of Mortgage Term between Henry Bagshaw Harrison of Daventry gentleman of the 1st part, George Winsley of Pall Mall, Middlesex wine merchant of the 2nd part and Charles Watkins of Daventry draper (a Trustee for the said Henry Bagshaw Harrison) of the 3rd part. Reciting DR 38/1240, DR 38/1241 DR 38/1242, and that Henry Bagshaw Harrison had contracted with George Winsley for the absolute purchase of the third part of the premises described in DR 38/1240 for £1700 and that there was then owing to Henry Bagshaw Harrison £1250 upon Mortgage of the said premises, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of 5/- to Henry Bagshaw Harrison paid by Charles Watkins, he the said Henry Bagshaw Harrison at the direction of George Winsley assigned the residue of the term of 1000 years in the third moiety of the premises described in DR 38/1240 to Charles Watkins upon trust to attend the inheritance. Signed Henry Bagshaw Harrison and George Winsley. Seal, a monogram. Witnessed by J. Adams of Southampton Buildings and Robert Jackson of Bread Street.