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Old Stratford, Bishopton, Shottery, Welcombe, Clifford Chambers Welford


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 3rd November 1697 between Mary Cooper of the Parish of Stevenheath alias Stepney, Middlesex widow of one part and Edward Cooper of the same place weaver (one of the sons of the said Mary Cooper) and John Newett of the same place weaver of the other part whereby Mary Cooper in consideration of a marriage then intended to be solemnised between Edward Cooper and Elizabeth Newett (a sister of the said John Newett) conveyed the premises described in DR 38/1202 DR 38/1207 to Edward Cooper and John Newett and their heirs, to the use of Mary Cooper for her life, remainder to the use of Edward Cooper and Elizabeth his intended wife for their lives, remainder to the survivor of them, remainder to the issue of the said Edward Cooper begotten on the body of Elizabeth Newett, remainder to the use of the right heirs of Edward Cooper. Signed Mary Cooper. Seal wanting. Witnessed by Thomas Hartwell, William Badham baronet, John Blackmore, his servant and by the mark of Charles Cooper. Lease dated 2nd November 1697 for one year of the same property by Mary Cooper to Edward Cooper. Signed and witnessed by as before. Armorial seal. Counterpart Release to the above. Signed Edward Cooper and John Newett.