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Welcombe, Old Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bishopton and Hampton Lucy


Indenture of Mortgage between George Winsley of Grace Church Street in the Parish of St. Peter, Cornhill, London gentleman (one of the three children of Combe Winsley late of Canterbury, by Bridget his wife, both lately deceased) of one part and Katherine Phillips of Weston sub Edge, Gloucestershire spinster of the other part whereby George Winsley in consideration of £750 to him paid by Katherine Phillips demised to the said Katherine Phillips one third and undivided moiety in his capital messuage in Welcombe also his farm consisting of three yard land of arable meadow and pasture enjoyed with the said messuage lying in the Common Fields of Welcombe, Old Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Welcombe, Bishopton and Hampton Lucy theretofore in the occupation of Thomas Combe esquire deceased and afterwards of James Southam also three closes with the said messuage and farm commonly used called Coney Gree Close and Walnut Tree Close also a close called Ashen Close, all which farm and closes were theretofore in the occupation of James Southam as tenant of John Combe also that close called Barn Close situate in Welcombe and Hampton Lucy containing 22 acres also three closes in Ingon called Ingon Grounds or Grove containing 24 acres also three other closes in Ingon called Perron's Closes containing 25 acres all which last mentioned premises were theretofore in the occupation of Francis Oldfield afterwards of William Hiccox and then of Sir John Clopton knight as tenants of John Combe also a close in Old Stratford and Stratford-upon-Avon called Saint Hill containing 6 acres sometime in the occupation of Sir Reginald foster and then of Mark noble as tenant also all that two yard and one great half yard situate in the said Common Fields and one toft or meese place and close in Welcombe (then lately divided and called Townsend's Close and Barton's Close) also Ley Close and pieces of the said Common Fields called Ryan's with appurtenances, all which last mentioned premises were occupied by William Roberts and Samuel Smith as tenants of John Combe also one yard land in the said Common Fields then in the occupation of William Hurst also 4 cottages in Old Stratford adjoining James' Close on one side and the street leading towards the Church on the other side, in the occupations of John Buller, Widow Hughes, Widow Hunt and Edward Rudge also two other cottages in Welcombe in the occupations of Edward Roberts and John Smith also a cottage and close called Barton's Close in the occupation of Thomas Hopkins and another cottage in the occupation of John Richardson also one yard land in the said Common Fields in the tenures of Richard Mander and John Smith, all which premises were then in the occupation of Manley Ashwin and Henry Bennett for a term of 1000 years subject to a proviso for redemption upon repayment of £750. Signed George Winsley. Sealed. Witnessed by Richard Smith and Dionysius Bradley.