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Lancashire Lincolnshire


Articles of Agreement made between George Lloyd of Hulme, Lancashire esquire of the 1st part, John Lloyd of the same place esquire, eldest son and heir apparent of the said George Lloyd of the 2nd part, James Hibbins of Margaret Street in the Parish of St. Marylebone, Middlesex doctor of Physic and Ann Hibbins spinster (the daughter and only child of the said James Hobbins by Ann his first wife deceased, formerly Ann Chance spinster) of the 3rd part and William Lucas of the Middle Temple, London esquire and Radcliffe Sidebottom of the Middle Temple esquire of the 4th part. Reciting the Will of John Lloyd late of London esquire deceased whereby the said George Lloyd had an estate for life in certain hereditaments in Lancashire and whereby John Lloyd had also an estate tail expectant upon the estate of George Lloyd in the same premises and reciting that a Recovery of the hereditaments had been suffered to the uses and trusts that the said George John Lloyd should jointly appoint, and reciting that certain personal estate of John Lloyd had been directed by the said Will to be laid out in purchase of lands for the benefit of the said George John Lloyd junior, and that James Hibbins and Ann Hibbins had levied a fine upon certain premises in Lincolnshire to enure to such uses and trusts as they should appoint, and reciting that a marriage was intended between John Lloyd and Ann Hobbins, it was witnessed that George Lloyd and John Lloyd agreed that out of the hereditaments devised by the Will of John Lloyd they would raise or otherwise settle a sum of £15000 to be paid to William Lucas and Radcliffe Sidebottom aforesaid upon the trusts thereinafter expressed, and that the said James Ann Hobbins had agreed to convey to William Lucas and Radcliffe Sidebottom hereditaments in Lincolnshire upon trust to sell the same to raise £5500 (with a proviso that if such hereditaments were not sufficient to raise that sum then to make up the balance of £5500) and hold to the uses and trusts thereinafter expressed and further covenanted to deliver to the said William Lucas and Radcliffe Sidebottom £2000 upon the same trusts and it was further witnessed that the said hereditaments and sums of money should be held by the said William Lucas and Radcliffe Sidebottom upon trust with the consent of the said John Lloyd and Ann Lloyd during their joint lives by deed and after the death of either at the direction of the Trustees, to purchase lands and to hold the same to the use of John Lloyd for life, to the use of the Trustees for a term of 99 years to secure payment of £500 per annum as joint use for Ann Lloyd and after the expiration or earlier determination thereof to the use of the Trustees for a term of 1000 years to secure portions for the younger children of the marriage as the said John and Ann Should appoint to the use of the first and other sons of the marriage successively in tail male, remainder to the use of daughters equally in tail, remainder to the use of right heirs of George Lloyd. Signed by all the parties. Seal obliterated. Witnessed by George Hurst, Dauntsey Smith, James Lucas of Middle Temple and George Sheppard, his clerk.