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Welcombe, Old Stratford, Hampton Lucy Hulme


Attested Copy Indenture of Marriage Settlement between Charles Thomas Warde late of Leamington Priors but then of Westover House, Calbourne in the Isle of Wight esquire of the 1st part, Marianne Lawes of Rothamstead, Harpenden, Hertfordshire spinster of the 2nd part and John Bennett Lawes of Rothamstead esquire, the Reverend John Wheeldon of Market Street, Bedfordshire clerk, Charles London of Leamington M. D. and John Morford Cottle of the same place surgeon of the 3rd part. Reciting the Will of George Lloyd (DR38/1306) and the death of the Testator on 11th July 1834 and reciting DR38/1307, DR38/1308, DR38/1309 DR38/1310, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of the said intended marriage and also of 10/- to him, Charles Theretofore Warde paid by John Bennett Lawes, John Wheeldon, Charles London and John Morford Cottle, he the said Charles Thomas Warde appointed in pursuance of a power in DR38/1310 to John Bennett Lawes, John Wheeldon, Charles London and John Morford Cottle all the hereditaments devised to him by the Will of George Lloyd in Welcombe, Old Stratford and Hampton Lucy (except the Clopton Estate) subject to the life interest of John Gameliel Lloyd to the use after the solemnisation of the intended marriage to him, Charles Thomas Warde for life, to use that Marianne Lawes if she survive him should receive out of the rents and profits £1000 per annum for her life and upon trust with the consent of Charles Thomas Warde and Marianne Lawes in their lifetimes to mortgage or make such other disposition of the hereditaments though without prejudice to the jointure of £1000 per annum, to raise a sum of £20,000 an d it was thereby agreed that the said sum of £20,000 should be held by the Trustees upon trust for the child or children of the intended marriage, who should attain 21 years, in equal shares, with a power of advancement for their education and maintenance. Witnessed by Harriet Mellor, John Paxton of Stratford-upon-Avon, Henrietta Bacchus of Market Street and John Freeman solicitor of Leamington. Attested 28th October 1845 by Robert Watts and Robert Humphreys, clerks to Mr. Fry law stationer, South Square, Gray's Inn, London.