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Welcombe, Old Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bishopton, Hampton Lucy Hulme


Attested Copy Indenture between John Gameliel Lloyd of Welcombe Hall esquire of the 1st part, Charles Thomas Warde of Westover House, Calbourne, Isle of Wight esquire of the 2nd part, Richard Marriott Freeman of Bartholt's Buildings, London gentleman of the 3rd part, Charles London M. D. John Morford Cottle surgeon both of Leamington of the 4th part and Samuel Jones Lloyd of Lothbury in the City of London of the 5th part. Reciting the Will of George Lloyd of Welcombe (DR38/1306) and his death on 11th July 1831 and reciting DR38/1307-11, and reciting that Charles London and John Morford Cottle also John Gameliel Lloyd and Charles Thomas Warde had appointed to Samuel Jones Lloyd to advance £14,000 upon mortgage as directed by the Court, it was thereby witnessed that Charles London, John Morford Cottle, John Gameliel Lloyd and Charles Thomas Warde in consideration of £14,000 to them paid of Samuel Jones Lloyd with the privity of Richard Marriott Freeman (Trustee of the Marriage Settlement of Charles Thomas Warde) conveyed to Samuel Jones Lloyd the premises described in DR38/1257 also part of the premises described in DR38/1236 (i.e. the whole of the allotment of 65 acres, 1 rood and 25 perches therein described also Further Ground (10a-1r-36p) then in the occupation of Fisher Tomes also several inclosures in Clopton called Windmill Hill, Spiers Close, Picked Close, Sinents Close and Hop Yards containing together 55a-2r-32p then in the occupation of Fisher Tomes also all tithes of corn and hay in the last mentioned premises also a messuage called Clopton Farm with lands thereto containing in all 77a-2r-21p (including King's Lane) then in the occupation of John Emms and John Gameliel Lloyd also all tithes of corn and hay arising from the last mentioned premises also a messuage farm with appurtenances situate in Old Stratford and Hampton Lucy theretofore in the tenure of Thomas Beacocke, afterwards of Richard Sparks the elder and a meadow in the tenure of Sir John Clopton and afterwards of Richard Sparks the elder, all which last mentioned premises were situate in Ingon and called Hog Leasows, Hog Leasow Meadow, Pool Leasows, Pool Leasow Meadow and Ram Close containing 129 a-2r-26p then in the occupation of William Pearce all which premises contain together 537a-0r-2p with appurtenances in fee simple subject nevertheless to a proviso for redemption upon repayment of £14,000 to Samuel Jones Lloyd by the Mortgagors. Schedule of property referred to. Witnessed by William O. Hunt, clerk of the Peace, William Russell solicitor Leamington, John Freeman solicitor Leamington, Edward Walhouse Lieutenant 12th Foot, G. Bower of 6, Tokenhouse Yard, London, John Freeman, Arthur Haynes solicitor Leamington. Attested 18th January 1840 by John Arthur and J. S. Bailey, clerks to Messrs. Willis, Bower Willis. Note for details of lands contained in this deed read recital of it in DR38/1314.