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Welcombe Hampton Lucy


Attested Copy Will of John Plestoe of Marcleve [Marlcliff], Bidford gentleman whereby he devised to his wife Joan all his hereditaments in Welcombe and Hampton Lucy for her life if she remained a widow subject to the payment of 40/- per annum to Testator's sister Taylor and after his wife's death or re-marriage then he devised the said hereditaments to his daughters Elizabeth and Mary as tenants in common equally, and he bequeathed to his sister Elizabeth [Vincent] two guineas and he forgave his brother William Plestoe all interest due upon his bond and he devised and bequeathed all the residue of his real and personal estate to his daughters Elizabeth and Mary equally and appointed them Executrices of his Will. Witnessed by Richard Newman, Edward Mills and William Philips. Attested 30th July 1787 by Samuel Oliver Hunt and Richard Hunt.