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Shottery, Welcombe, Old Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bishopton Hampton Lucy


Indenture of Assignment between John Rapp of Budge Row in the City of London esquire, William Norton Lloyd of Great Ormond Street in the Parish of St. George the Martyr, Middlesex esquire and George Lloyd of Clifton in the City of York esquire, the Executors of the Will of Gamaliel Lloyd formerly of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk but then late of Great Ormond Street in the Parish of St. George the Martyr, Middlesex, esquire, of the 1st part, Purefoy Lloyd of Welcombe spinster (one of the daughters of John Lloyd late of Snitterfield esquire deceased by Ann his wife) of the 2nd part, George Lloyd of Welcombe esquire (eldest son of John Lloyd deceased by Ann his wife) of the 3rd part and Robert Bell Wheler of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman, a Trustee nominated and appointed by George Lloyd, of the 4th part. Reciting DR38/1300 and that Thomas Bird was then dead leaving the term of 99 years vested in his Co-trustee Digby Smith for the securing of the jointure of Ann Lloyd and reciting that George Lloyd the uncle had many years before died leaving Gameliel Lloyd him surviving in whom the residue of the term of 1000 years for securing portions was vested and reciting that Gamaliel Lloyd died on 31st August 1817 having by his Will appointed John Rapp, William Horton Lloyd (his son) and George Lloyd of York his Executors and reciting that Purefoy Lloyd had attained 21 years and that all sums directed to be raised for maintenance, education and portions of the younger children of John and Ann Lloyd had been raised and paid to the said younger children and reciting that George Lloyd of Welcombe was the tenant in fee simple of the hereditaments referred to in DR38/1300 subject to the two terms of 99 years and 1000 years, and reciting that in the year 1817, George Lloyd sold certain parcels of the estate referred to in DR38/1300 called Hadland Close and Black Ground to John Whitehead of Barford and that the terms of 1000 years and 99 years so far as they related to the two said closes were conveyed to a Trustee in trust for John Whitehead, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £833-6-8 paid by George Lloyd (as the portion directed to be so paid by DR38/1300 and protected by the term of 1000 years) to Purefoy Lloyd and in consideration of 10/- paid to John Rapp, William Horton Lloyd and George Lloyd of York by Robert Bell Wheler, they the said John Rapp, John Horton Lloyd and George Lloyd of York at the request and direction of Purefoy Lloyd and George Lloyd of Welcombe assigned the said term of 1000 years in the premises described in DR38/1300 excepted those sold to John Whitehead limited to George Lloyd and Gelemiel Lloyd the uncles by DR38/1300 to secure portions to Robert Bell Wheler in trust to attend the inheritance of George Lloyd of Welcombe. Signed John Rapp, William Horton Lloyd, George Lloyd of York, Purefoy Lloyd, George Lloyd of Welcombe and Robert Bell Wheler. Monogram seal (letters W S). Witnessed by John Hogarth of Staple Inn, John Smallbone of York, Ann Lloyd of Welcombe and John Elliot of Stratford-upon-Avon. Extract from the Registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury of the Letters of Administration of the goods of Gamaliel Lloyd.