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Welcombe, Old Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bishopton Hampton Lucy


Attested Copy Indenture of Assignment between Ann Stephens of Birmingham widow of the 1st part, Catherine Charlotte Smith of the Tything of Whistones in the Parish of Claines, Worcestershire widow, James Smith of the same place esquire and Spelding Mitchell of the same place esquire (Executrix Executors named in the Will of Digby Smith deceased) of the 2nd part, John Gameliel Lloyd of Welcombe Hall esquire Charles Thomas Warde of Westover House, Calbourne, Isle of Wight esquire of the 3rd part, Samuel Jones Lloyd of Lothbury in the City of London esquire banker of the 4th part, Edward Loyd of Manchester banker of the 5th part and Lewis Loyd the younger of Lothbury aforesaid esquire banker of the 6th part. Reciting a Marriage Settlement dated 25th Sep 1702 of Hugh Clopton and Elizabeth Milward whereby 3 inclosures called Jakeman's Grounds containing 28 acres also 3 other closes called Edkins Leasows (50 acres), other closes called Grove Leasow (26 acres) lying near Clopton Park, Smart's Close containing 9 acres also Windmill Ground (21 acres) all which last mentioned premises were situate in Clopton also two farmhouses also meadows called Hog Leasowes, Hog Leasowes Meadow, Pool Leasowes, Pool Leasowe Meadow and Ram Close containing 130 acres all which premises were situate in Ingon and in the occupation of Sir John Clopton also one fourth of the Advowson and Manor of Curdworth and certain messuages and quit rents (amounting to £1-7-9 per annum) and other hereditaments all which messuages were limited to the use of Richard Dighton and Carew Gindott for a term of 500 years upon certain trusts (then satisfied) also upon trust for the first and other sons of the marriage in tail male and in default of such issue to the use of the same persons for a term of 300 years upon certain trusts then also satisfied and reciting that there was no issue of the marriage and that Hugh Clopton survived his wife and died in December 1751 and reciting that a term of 1000 years had been created by a Settlement made by Sir Hugh Clopton and reciting that by virtue of divers other Acts of Law and ultimately by an Indenture dated 2nd May 1793 the reversion of the said hereditaments expectant on the several terms of 500 years, 300 years and 1000 years were conveyed to George Lloyd (which hereditaments were theretofore described as follows :- Jakeman's Ground, Smart's Meadow Horne's Close or Windmill Ground and then described as :- Windmill Hill, Spier's Close, Picked Close, Smart's Close Hopyard part whereof were situate in Clopton Park then disparked containing 57 acres, 0 roods and 19 perches also all tithes of corn and hay arising from the same also a messuage called Clopton Farm together with 82a-1r-34p of land (including King's Lane) and tithes arising therefrom as aforesaid also a farmhouse in Old Stratford Hampton Lucy together with a meadow) and reciting that by an Indenture of 2nd May 1793 the several terms of 500 years 300 years became vested in Robert Green in trust to attend the inheritance of George Lloyd also that the term of 1000 years became vested in Digby Smith upon a like trust and reciting that Robert Green died having appointed William Stephens his Executor which said William Stephens died on 28th Sep 1831 having appointed Ann Stephens his wife his sole Executrix and reciting the death of Digby Smith on 14th January 1833 having appointed Catherine Charlotte Smith his wife, James Smith his son and Spalding Mitchell his Executrix Executors and reciting the Will of George Lloyd (DR38/1306) and DR38/1307-1311 DR38/1313, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of 10/- to Ann Stephens paid by Edward Loyd by the direction of John Gameliel Lloyd Charles Thomas Warde, he the said Ann Stephens assigned the several terms of 500 years and 300 years to Edward Loyd upon trusts thereafter expressed, and it was further witnessed that in consideration of 10/- paid to Catherine Charlotte Smith, James Smith Spalding Mitchell at the request of John Gameliel Lloyd Charles Thomas Warde, they the said Catherine Charlotte Smith, James Smith Spalding Mitchell assigned the term of 1000 years to Lewis Loyd. And it was agreed that the said terms of 300 years, 500 years and 1000 years were to be held by Edward Loyd in trust for Samuel Jones Lloyd until repayment of the Mortgage of £14,000 and thereafter to attend the inheritance. Witnessed by John Freeman solicitor Leamington, Samuel Hughes, clerk to Mr. Hall solicitor Worcester, Joseph Andrew Pearce of Fatesine Arms, Barnstaple, Walter Noah, clerk to Mr. France solicitor Worcester, William O. Hunt, Clerk of the Peace, William Russell solicitor Leamington, John Becke of Argyll Chambers, Regent Street and Edward Walhouse Lieutenant 12th Foot.