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Old Stratford


Indenture of Lease between the Most Noble Arabella Diana, Duchess of Dorset of one part and George Lloyd of Welcombe Lodge esquire of the other part reciting that the lives mentioned in the Lease dated 25th March 1778 recited in DR38/1385 had departed this life and that George Lloyd was anxious to renew the said Lease for a further period of lives, it was witnessed that the said Duchess of Dorset in consideration of £7-7-0 conveyed to George Lloyd the premises described in DR38/1385 except the garden ground at a yearly rent of £2-9-0 during the lives of William Burman of Stratford-upon-Avon druggist (aged 17), Joseph Calloway of Welcombe labourer (aged 25) and John Calloway of the same place labourer (aged 22) and the life of the survivor of them. Covenant to renew the Lease by the said Duchess of Dorset. Signed Arabella Diana Dorset. Sealed. Witnessed by Samuel Forster and John Webb of London. Memorandum of delivery of Seisin by Joseph Calloway and John Lane junior attornies for the said Duchess. Bill of Costs by George Lloyd to John Lane. 2 letters and 4 receipts relating to the transaction.