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Indentures of Lease and Release between Henry Smith of Snitterfield gentleman of one part and George Lloyd of Welcombe Lodge esquire of the other part. Reciting that George Lloyd being seised of hereditaments at Bearley containing 40 acres had agreed to convey and had conveyed the same by Indentures bearing the date before these presents, to Henry Smith and his heirs for ever, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration that the said George Lloyd had conveyed the said hereditaments to him Henry Smi8th, he the said Henry Smith conveyed to George Lloyd the premises referred to in DR38/1349 stated therein to contain 14 acres and to be then in the occupation of Richard Smith. Signed Henry Smith. Sealed. Witnessed by Thomas Bird and Samuel Oliver Hunt. Lease for one year by Henry Smith to George Lloyd of the same property. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.