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Old Stratford


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 3rd April 1807 between John Higgins of Tiddington gentleman (eldest son and heir at law of John Higgins theretofore of Tiddington gentleman deceased, who was the eldest son and heir at law of John Higgins also theretofore of Tiddington gentleman deceased) of the 1st part, Thomas Cresswell of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman of the 2nd part and George Lloyd of Welcombe Lodge esquire of the 3rd part. Reciting the Will of the last mentioned John Higgins the grandfather dated 4th January 1733 whereby he devised to his son John Higgins inter alia the premises thereinafter described and reciting the Will of John Higgins the father dated 20th November 1778 whereby he devised all his real and personal estate to John Higgins the son subject to certain debts, legacies etc. and reciting that Thomas Cresswell had contracted with John Higgins for the absolute purchase of the hereditaments thereinafter mentioned for £105 but had assigned the benefit of the said contract to George Lloyd, it was thereby witnessed that John Higgins in consideration of $105 to him paid by George Lloyd conveyed to the said George Lloyd (with the consent of and at the direction of Thomas Cresswell) a parcel of land in Alveston (sic) on the Westward side of and adjoining the River bounded on the East by the river, on the West by land of George Lloyd and Thomas Cresswell called the Slingett (theretofore called the Neate) containing 1 acre, 1 rood and 0 perches or thereabouts. Signed John Higgins and Thomas Cresswell. Red wax seal with letters H H thereon. Witnessed by Richard Wyatt and Henry Wyatt. Lease dated 2nd April 1807 for one year of the same premises by John Higgins to George Lloyd. Signed John Higgins. Sealed and witnessed as before.