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Old Stratford


Indenture between Charles Thomas Warde late of Welcombe Lodge but then of Clopton House esquire of one part and Mark Philips of The Park, Prestwich, Lancashire and also of Snitterfield esquire of the other part. Reciting DR38/1390 and that by divers mesne conveyances the premises referred to in DR38/1385 (except the garden ground) and the estate of George Lloyd therein became vested in the said Charles Thomas Warde and reciting that William Burman the son (one of the lives mentioned in DR38/1390) died on 22nd February 1829 and that John Calloway another of such lives also died on 16th October 1830 but that Joseph Calloway the third life was still living, it was thereby witnessed that Charles Thomas Warde in consideration of £640 conveyed to Mark Philips the property described in DR38/1385 except the garden ground, for the residue of the said term (i.e. during the life of Joseph Calloway together with all rights of renewal etc.). Signed Charles Thomas Warde (red wax seal) and Mark Philips (seal, the Philips family coat of arms). Witnessed by Jevon Perry, Goodrich House, Wester Ross and Henry Bury, solicitor, Manchester.