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Old Stratford


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 14th March 1794 between Samuel Heritage of Stratford-upon-Avon butcher of one part and George Lloyd of Welcombe Lodge esquire of the other part reciting the Will of Samuel Heritage the elder (DR38/1368) and also DR38/1369 DR38/1372, it was thereby witnessed that Samuel Heritage in consideration of £180 paid to him by George Lloyd granted to George Lloyd his estate in fee simple in remainder in the close called Under Rowley theretofore in the occupation of the Reverend William Loggin also in another close in Old Stratford called the Foregreen then lately purchased by Thomas Cresswell during the lives of John Heritage and Jane his wife (Parcel of the premises described in DR38/1369). Signed Samuel Heritage. Sealed. Witnessed by Ann Eleanor Lloyd and Thomas Bird. Lease dated 13th March 1794 for one year of the same premises by Samuel Heritage to George Lloyd. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.