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Old Stratford Stratford-upon-Avon


Attested Copy Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 4th May 1798 between Joseph Smith of Bristol merchant (lately called Joseph Smith the younger) and Sarah his wife of the 1st part, Joseph Pope Smith of the same place gentleman (eldest son and heir of the said Joseph Sarah Smith) of the 2nd part, John Tarrant of Chancery Lane, London gentleman of the 3rd part and Joseph Edye of Bristol esquire of the 4th part whereby the said Joseph Smith and Joseph Pope Smith in order to bar the estate tail in the premises described in DR38/1396 and in consideration of 10/- paid by John Tarrant to each of them conveyed to the said John Tarrant the premises described in DR38/1396 to the intent that a Recovery might be suffered and that John Tarrant might be Tenant to the precipe and it was thereby agreed between the parties thereto that Joseph Edye should be Demandant in such action for recovery and Joseph Smith, Sarah Smith and Joseph Pope Smith Vouchees and that said Recovery should enure to the benefit and use of such person as Joseph Smith should by deed or Will appoint and in default of such appointment to Joseph Smith for life with remainder to Joseph Edye during the life of Joseph Smith in trust for the said Joseph Smith, remainder to the right heirs of Joseph Smith. Witnessed by Christopher Chrishop and Thomas Owen, clerks to Mr. Tarrant, Brooke Smith attorney, Bristol and Edmund Burke Smith. Attested 23rd September 1845 by R. W. Williams and Matthew Marshall. Lease dated 3rd May 1798 for one year of the same premises by Joseph Smith and Joseph Pope Smith to John Tarrant. Signed by Joseph Smith and Joseph Pope Smith. Witnessed by Brooke Smith and E. B. Smith.