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Old Stratford


Abstract of the Title of the Churchwardens of the Parish of Old Stratford to a piece of freehold land fronting the Stratford-upon-Avon to Warwick road commencing with the Act for Inclosing the Open and Common Fields of Old Stratford, Bishopton and Welcombe whereby inter alia it was enacted that it should be lawful for the Commissioners thereby appointed to allot one or more pieces of land not exceeding 2 acres for the purpose of getting stone, gravel and material for repairing roads etc. and for the use of the Poor of Old Stratford, Bishopton and Welcombe, to the Churchwardens of the Parish of Old Stratford. Reciting the Award made pursuant to the above dated 25th January 1775 whereby three allotments were made to the said Churchwardens, one of which the subject of the abstract is described as follows: - a piece of ground containing 2 roods bounded on the North by the Warwick to Stratford-upon-Avon Turnpike road and on all other parts by the land of John Payton. Reciting also an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated 27th November 1868 authorising the sale of the said land.