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Old Stratford


Deed Poll under the hand and seal of Charles Thomas Warde of Clopton House esquire acknowledging that he was bound to Mark Philips of The Park, Prestwich, Lancashire and also of Snitterfield esquire in the sum of £200. Reciting DR38/1319 also the allotment under the Inclosure Award dated 21st January 1775 whereby a piece of land containing 2 roods described in DR38/1405 was allotted to the Churchwardens of the Parish of Old Stratford and also reciting that the said Churchwardens alleged that although the land subject to the recited Indenture DR38/1319 had been in the undisputed possession of Mark Philips and his predecessors in title for upwards of 40 years previous to 1st November 1845 yet the said parcel containing 2 roods was included therein and reciting that the said Churchwardens had not been able to substantiate their claim, it was witnessed that Charles Thomas Warde covenanted to indemnify Mark Philips against all such claims in the above mentioned sum. Signed Charles Thomas Warde. Witnessed by Henry Bury, solicitor, Manchester.