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Old Stratford


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 3rd April 1807 between Thomas Cresswell of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman of the 1st part, Thomas Neill of Manchester Buildings, Westminster esquire steward or agent to her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Dorset (who was then entitled to the reversion of the hereditaments thereinafter granted) of the 2nd part, Edmund Battersbee of Stratford-upon-Avon esquire of the 3rd part and George Lloyd of Welcombe esquire of the 4th part. Reciting that by an Indenture of Lease dated 25th March 1778 made between the Most Noble John Frederick, Duke of Dorset since deceased of one part and James Keating of Stratford-upon-Avon bookseller also since deceased of the other part whereby the Duke of Dorset demised to James Keating a parcel of land at that time and then used as a garden with appurtenances in Old Stratford also a parcel of land containing 3 acres, 3 roods and 11 perches bounded on the North East by Heritage's Field, on the South East by an inclosure of Mr. John Higgins and the River, on the South West by land theretofore belonging to Mr. Joseph Smith and then of John Low esquire and on the North West by the Warwick to Stratford-upon-Avon Turnpike Road, which land was allotted upon Inclosure of the Common Fields of Old Stratford in 1772 to James Keating (as Lessee of the Duke of Dorset) in lieu of six yard lands for the lives of James Keating, Mary Hunt (wife of Robert Hunt of Feckenham, Worcestershire gentleman then living) and Thomas Mason of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman since deceased and the life of the longest liver of them at a yearly rent of £3-10-0 and reciting Indentures dated 2nd 3rd July 1802, the Release between William Amboor Keating (only child of William Cooper Keating esquire, then late a Colonel of the Honourable Company of Merchants Trading to the East Indies, deceased who was the eldest son of the eldest brother of the said James Keating who died intestate as to his real estate) of the 1st part, Thomas Hunt of 2nd part and Thomas Cresswell of the 3rd part whereby William Amboor Keating in consideration of £272 paid to him by Thomas Cresswell conveyed to Thomas Cresswell the remainder of the said term (during the life of Mary Hunt) and reciting that by Indentures dated 5th 6th August 1802 Thomas Cresswell conveyed his interest in the garden ground to Edmund Battersbee, it was thereby witnessed that Thomas Cresswell (by License and the consent of Thomas Neill steward to the Duchess of Dorset) in consideration of £600 to him paid by George Lloyd conveyed to the said George Lloyd the premises above mentioned (except the garden conveyed to Edmund Battersbee) during the life of Mary Hunt only surviving certain que vie named in the Indenture of Lease subject to the rent of £2-9-0 yearly part of the rent covenanted to be paid by the Lease of £3-10-0 per annum (the other part namely £1-1-0 being covenanted to be paid by Edmund Battersbee) together with all rights to renewal of the said Lease for lives. Signed Thomas Cresswell, Thomas Neill and Edmund Battersbee. Seal having the letters H H thereon. Witnessed by Thomas Hunt, Robert Hobbes and Charles Taplin. Lease dated 2nd April 1807 for one year of the same premises by Thomas Cresswell to George Lloyd. Signed Thomas Cresswell. Sealed and witnessed as before. Account between Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Cresswell. Receipt dated 24th April 1807 for £150, part of the purchase money paid by George Lloyd for Keating's Meadow to Thomas Cresswell. Letter dated 5th December 1816 concerning the above conveyance and a Memorandum concerning the same. Map dated 1775 of Keating's Meadow. [Note the premises conveyed by the above Indentures may have been the uncoloured portion of the field delineated on the map. The remaining portion may have been a continuation of the Slingett.]