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Welcombe, Poplar, Bromley Drury, Middlesex


Copy Will of John Lloyd of Snitterfield esquire whereby he bequeathed £500 to his natural son John Lloyd Reynolds and reciting that by his Marriage Articles portions were provided for his younger children and reciting that by Indentures dated 28th 29th may 1773 £5000 was charged upon property in Bromley, Poplar and Feathers Court in Drury, Middlesex he thereby directed that such sum should be divided equally among his younger children and he bequeathed to his wife [Ann] his linen, plate, jewellery, coach two coach horses and one saddle horse and he devised to his brothers Gameliel Lloyd and George Lloyd all his real property upon trust to pay all debts etc. not satisfied out of his personal estate and to hold the same in trust for his first and other sons successively in fee simple and he appointed his father and wife Guardians of his children. Witnessed by Redclyffe Sidebottom, William Turner and Robert Hughes. Proved 21st July 1777 by George Lloyd and Gameliel Lloyd.