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Old Stratford


Indenture of Lease between Charles Pestell of Stratford-upon-Avon surgeon, John Whateley of Chadshunt and Edward Townsend Higgins of Tiddington (Trustees of the estate of John Payton of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman) of one part and William Dexter of Edstone in the Parish of Wootton Wawen gentleman of the other part. Reciting DR38/1282, it was thereby witnessed that Charles Pestell, John Whately and Edward Townsend Higgins demised to William Dester a farm called Welcombe Farm containing :- Dovehouse Ground (12 acres, 2 roods and 33 perches), West Horsley Hill (9a-1r-31p), Home Horsley Hill (12a-0r-6p), Home Pasture (10a-0r-2p), Far Pasture (11a-2r-8p), Home meadow (13a-2r-3p), Ley Closes (3a-1r-17p), The Moor (23a-0r-30p), Middle Meadow (20a-1r-36p) Farr Meadow (21a-1r-18p), The Hurst (21a-2r-4p), The Pleck (1a-3r-7p), Lower Ryan (11a-2r-0p), Upper Ryan (7a-2r-5p), East Horsley Hill (9a-3r-24p), The Plaister Pitts Pasture (7a-2r-6p), Plaister Pitts Ground (12a-3r-3p), East Hill (8a-0r-31p), The Pasture (16a-2r-19p), The West Hill (7a-0r-34p), Barn Ground (3a-0r-28p), The Farther Ground (10a-1r-35p), Headland Close (7a-2r-2p) and Black Ground (7a-0r-10p) for 5 years at a yearly rent of £380. Signed Charles Pestell, John Whateley and Edward Townsend Higgins. Witnessed by Thomas Attwood. Attested Copy of the above.