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Attested Copy Will of John Wright of Hatfield Priory, Essex esquire whereby he devised to his wife Elizabeth and her heirs all his hereditaments wheresoever situate and he bequeathed to Sarah Crosse of Clapham, Surrey for her life an annuity of £30 to be paid out of his personal estate by his Executor and he bequeathed to his sister Ann Luard wife of William Luard esquire, £100 and also to the said William Luard, £50 and to the Testator's nephews John William Peter Luard, £100 each and to Mary Ann Luard wife of the said Peter Luard, £100 and to the Testator's niece Mary Luard, £100 and he bequeathed £100 to his said nephew Peter Luard (of Boreham, Essex) upon trust for the Testator's niece Henrietta Brown (sister of the said Peter Luard) for her separate use and estate and he also bequeathed to his said nephews and nieces, John, Peter, William and Mary Luard and Henrietta brown as should be living at the death of the said Elizabeth the Testator's wife the sum of £1200 each, such sum of £6000 to be vested after the Testator's death in such Trustees as the said Elizabeth should think proper, and he bequeathed to Mary Ann Luard wife of the said Peter Luard £2000 for her life, payable after the death of the Testator's wife Elizabeth for her separate estate and use and after her decease to Elizabeth Luard daughter of the said Mary Ann Luard absolutely, such last mentioned sum to be vested in such Trustees as the Testator's wife Elizabeth should think fit and he bequeathed to Juliana Dorothea Stark of Wimpole Street, Marylebone, Middlesex spinster £500 and he released and remitted all debts owed by the said Juliana Dorothea Stark and her brother George Stark to the said Testator and he bequeathed to the Reverend John Wright of Gillingham, Essex clerk and to William Wright of Long Acre, Westminster coachmaker £21 each and he bequeathed to Mary Morris of Witham, Essex widow £21 and to Margaret Sowle (a niece of Mary Morris) £100 and to Sarah Sowle (mother of the said Margaret Sowle) £500 and reciting that the Testator had promised to settle £1500 upon Miss Charlotte Kynaston, one of the daughters of Thomas Kynaston of Witham esquire if a marriage took place between her and the Testator's nephew John Luard, the Testator directed that having fulfilled that obligation the said John Luard should receive only the legacy of £100 aforementioned and the Testator devised and bequeathed the residue of his personal estate after payment of debts etc. to his wife Elizabeth absolutely and he appointed his wife sole Executrix of his Will. Witnessed by Carter Scott, John Church and John Scott. Codicil 10th May 1795 giving a legacy of £52-10-0 to William Mayrick of Red Lion Square and another legacy of £26-5-0 to Sarah Crosse of Clapham. Probate granted by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury to Elizabeth Wright 4th March 1796. Attested 6th September 1804 by Thomas Gilbank and Francis Broderip, clerk to Messrs. Mayrick Broderip.