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Tanworth, Umberslade in


Gift with warranty from William de Warewic' to Henry de Wistanscrof of all that land of Hambreslade between the land of Tanewrthe church and the land of Robert Archer (sagitarii) and the land of William and Reginald; to hold the same rendering annually 6 pence at the feast of St Peter 'ad vincula'; and for this the said Henry gives one ox and renders homage to the grantor. Witnesses: Roger parson of Tanewrthe and Richard his brother, William de Hullehale, Robert Archer (sagittario), Roger Berner, Ralph 'palmerio', Peter the chaplain the writer of the deed and many others. Seal on tag in natural wax, circular, broken. A fleur de lys. Legend: SIGILL' WILL ---- WICH'. Endorsed: Carta Henrici de Wustanascroft facta per Willelmum de Warrewic' de terra in Omberslade.