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Quitclaim from Henry Faber of Farnebur' to Jordan de Say, lord of Farnebur', of a messuage in the vill of Farnebur' which lord Thomas de Say enfeoffed to the grantor by his charter; to hold for ever. Undated. Witnesses: William de Alton', Walter le Honorable of Farnebur', Henry Marscallo of the same, Hugh le Rodknit, John Vincent' of the same, Adam Farncisco of Dercet', John Enoc of Dercet' clerk and others. Oval seal of natural wax on tag, 1 x 1/2 in. Legend: SIG' HE[NR]ICI FABR. Latin, parchment, 61/4 x 21/4 in. Undated c. 1280