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Parish register copies: Richard Savage papers.


Kington: Baptisms 1587-1740; Marriages 1588-1739; Burials 1653-1658 Dormston: Baptisms 1720-1836; Marriages 1731-1830; Burials 1731 - 1 entry only Lighthorne: Baptisms 1538-1705; Marriages 1539-1753; Burials 1547-1715: In 1608 the parson, Ralph Lees records not only the baptism of his son Thomas, but also his birth sign, Aquarius and the positions of the sun and moon. He does the same in 1609 for his daughter Elizabeth, in 1613 for daughter Maria and in 1615 for son William. Other family events are recorded on p.35 Chesterton: Baptisms 1561-1749; Marriages 1538-1776; Burials 1541-1750 Barford: Baptisms 1538-1879; Marriages 1539-1846; Burials 1538-1868 plus copy entry from Solihull, recording the marriage of Thomas Dugard, rector of Barford and Miss Mary Huggeford of Henwood, 1660 Sherborne: Baptisms 1582-1635; Marriages 1587-1643; Burials 1587-1638