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Lease from John Huggeforde of Henwoode, esquire, to Thomas Mountforde of Bentley Heath in Solihull, husbandman, of closes, pastures and meadows called the Widneys and Widney meadow, lying in Widney Ende in Solihull, in the tenure of the said Thomas, excepting all oaks, ash, woods and underwoods on the same, with same, not hurting corn or mowing grass; to hold for 21 years from Lady Day [25 March] last, rendering annually £12 at Midsummer Day and Christmas Day in equal portions; the lessor having the right of re-entry for non-payment or arrears of the said rent; the said Thomas to maintain and repair all mounds on the said land and keep the said property properly hedged, ditched, mounded and fenced during the said term and not to assign the said lease beyond one year without the consent of the lessor; the said Thomas to have sufficient tynsell for hedgeboote and the right to dig marl on the said premises to marl the same and after such marling the said Thomas was to manur the soil; the said Thomas was not to take more than two crops of grain after each manuring and then to let the ground for grass; the said Thomas to have the right to grub up any underwoods formerly used as grove woods or as destroyed coppice and to have the same for his own use for his trouble. Signed: Thomas Mountforde by mark Dated: 1 May 18 James I Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Insley, Robert Whadcocke, John Field and Edward Holbach'. An oval seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., an acorn slipped and leaved. Memorandum, endorsed: That on 17 January 9 Charles I [1633/1634] this document was shown to Robert Whadcocke and Edward Holbech at the time of their examination before [signed] Edward Raynsforde, William Foster English, parchment, 25 x 191/2 in., indented