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Solihull Knowle


Lease from John Hugford alias Huggeford of Market Orton alias Margett Overton, Rutland, esquire, to Andrew Archer of Tanworth, esquire, and Richard Archer of Nethropp in Banburie, Oxon., gentleman, for £150 of 5 closes and one meadow called Widneys and Widney meadow in Widney End in Solihull, Henwood, Knoll and Longdon, between the backyard of Richard Coterill, a lane leading from Bentley Heath towards Solihull called Blythe lane, a brook or river called Blythe brook, the land of Thomas Holbach and the land of Edward Holbach on all sides and all lands of the said John in Solihull or Knoll called Widneys, Widney meadow or Widneys coppice; to hold for 96 years, rendering annually one peppercorn if demanded, with warranty by the said John against John Hygford, esquire, his father, deceased, and John Hygford, esquire, his grandfather (excepting a lease to Thomas Mountford dated 1 May 18 James I [1620] of which 16 years are to run from 25 March last, rendering annually £12 to the said Andrew and Richard); the said premises to be free of all charges except a tenth part of the land granted by Henry VIII to John Hygford of Henwood, esquire, grandfather of the said John, the charge being 2s. 6d. from this property to be paid annually to the king. Signed: John Huggeforde Dated: 6 September 1 Charles I Witnesses, endorsed: Tomas Balgaie, George Brooke, Edmond Clarke, John Wagstaffe, William Attwoode the elder Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a shield, helmet, crest and mantling, on the shield, a chevron, between 3 stags' heads as many mullets. Memorandum, endorsed: 9 November 1625, of the attornment of the said Thomas Mountford as tenant to the said Andrew and Richard Archer, paying 6d. for the same; signed: Thomas Mountford by mark; witnesses: Thomas Balgaie, George Broke, John Wagstaffe, William Attwood the elder. Memorandum, endorsed, 17 January 9 Charles I [1633/1634] that this indenture was shown to William Atwood and Edmond Clarke at the time of their examination before [signed] Edward Raynsford, William Foster. Endorsed: [S.A.] The lease from Mr. Hugford to Andrew Archer esquire. Richard Archer for fourscore and sixteene yeares of Wysneys in trust for Sr Symon Archer. English, parchment, 14 x 73/4 ins.