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Lease from Anne Watts of Rhien Clifford in Old Stratford, widow, and Richard Watts of the same, gentleman, to George Spencer of Clifford Chambers, Glos., forgeman, of a messuage called the Mill House with 1/2 acre of land in Rhien Clifford in the tenure of the said Anne and Richard, reserving to the said Anne and Richard all timber rights and the right of entry and exit to cut or lopp the timber on the said property; to hold for 7 years from Lady Day [25 March] last, rendering annually £4. Signed: Ann Watts, Richard Watts Dated 22 May 5 William and Mary 1693 Witnesses, endorsed: for Anne Watts: Thomas Watts, John Nonman, Thomas Challoner; for Richard Watts, 20 September 1693: B. Tonstall, 27 September 1693, Nicholas Cooke. Applied circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a shield, helmet, crest and mantling Endorsed: [Contemp.] Lease from Watts to Spencer of the Forge House and Cole yard at Clifford. English, parchment, 29 x 241/2 in., indented