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Lease from Samuel Marrow of Barkswell, esquire, son and heir of Sir Edward Marrowe, knight, and Thomas Marrowe of Oxonford, M.A., second son of the said Sir Edward to William Doley of Olten End in Solyhull', yeoman for £30 of a croft and ground called Gorstie croft alias Dymples, lying in Olten End between or near the land of George Bott, the land of John Gilbert, certain other land of the said William Doley and the lane called Dymple lane; another little croft and ground called the Dymples or Gorstie Dymples or part of the Dymples lying in Olten End between or near other lands of the said William Doley and the common lane or highway; a little meadow called the Furr meadows lying in Olten End between the land of Richard Palmer, the land of William Bonell and the little brook or running water there; also 14 selions of arable land lying together in Olten End near the Dymples, the ground called the Parish land of Solyhull in the tenure of the said William Doley and the lane called Dymples lane; all these lands being part of the manor of Solyhull, now or late called bond lands, and were part of lands granted to Henry Hugford, gentleman, deceased, by copy of court roll 27 October ... Elizabeth for 51 years, all lying in Olten End in Solyhull' and in the tenure of the said William Doley; to hold for 99 years, rendering annually 4d. at Michaelmas, the lessors having the right of distraint for non-payment or arrears of the said rent one month beyond the said term; the lessors to make assurances of the same within 7 years if required, but not to travel above 12 miles for the same. Signed: William Doley, by mark Dated: 1 June 4 Charles I Witnesses, endorsed: William Bull, George Bott and Thomas Doley. Tag for seal with traces of red wax Endorsed: [Contemp.] William Dolyes leade for 99 yeares. reserved of divers parcels of Land in Solihul afterwards leased for 1,000 English, parchment, 231/4 x 183/4 ins., indented.