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Covenant between Samuel Marrowe of Barkeswell, esquire, Elizbeth his wife and Thomas Marrowe, gentleman, brother of the said Samuel, of the one part, and John Fowke, esquire, Richard Wollaston, gentleman, and Francis Aston, gentleman, to declare the uses of a fine levied between the said parties of the manor of Sollyhull alias Sullyhull with messuages, lands, courts leet, views of frankpledge, in the town, borough, foreign, fields and parish of Sollyhull and the advowsons of the church of Sollyhull; to hold to the use of the said Samuel and Thomas Marrowe and their heirs and assigns. Signed: Samuel Marow, Elizabeth Marow, Thomas Marow Dated: 1 May 5 Charles I Witnesses, endorsed: For Samuel and Elizabeth Marow: Francis Marow, William Selby, Walter Marston, Thomas Crooke, Edward Wayste, John Parsons, Edward Marow; for Thomas Marow: Edward Marow, Francis Marow, John Parsones, Walter Marston 3 tags for seals with traces and fragments of red wax. English, parchment, 171/4 x 11 in., indented