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Bargain and sale from Thomas Greaves of Mouseley, Worcs., esquire, and Richard Greaves, gentleman, his brother, to Sir Simon Archer of Tanworth, knight, and Thomas Archer, esquire, his son and heir, of the manor of Solihull' alias Sulihull', as described in DR37/1/2613, recited, with the free warren lately purchased from the king by Sir Richard Greaves, knight, deceased, late father of the said Thomas and Richard Greaves, except a messuage and lands called Woods Farm in the same, late in the tenure of [Nash]; to hold for ever, with warranty against Edward Greaves, gentleman, deceased, brother of the said Thomas and Richard Greaves, and Sir Richard Greaves their father, deceased, excepting the chief rents and the lease DR37/1/2613 and DR37/1/2627, recited. Signed: Richard Grevis Dated 10 June 24 Charles I. 1648 Witnesses, endorsed: [for Richard Greaves] Anne Grevis, Humphrey Archer, Robert Walter 1. Tag for seal 2. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., a shield, helmet, crest and mantling. English, parchment, 241/2 x 173/4 in., indented.