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Letters patent of Charles I, being a pardon to John Fowke, esquire, Edward Wollaston, gentleman, and Francis Aston, gentleman, for securing for themselves and the heirs of John Fowke from Samuel Marrowe, Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Marrow, gentleman, by a fine in Easter term 4 Charles I [DR37/1/2604] the manor of Sollyhull alias Sullyhull, without a licence of alienation [see DR37/1/2607]; the said property is now assured to the said John, Edward and Francis and to the heirs of the said John [see DR37/1/2610] Fragment of Great Seal Dated at Westminster 16 June 5 Charles I Endorsed: [Contemp.] A pardon of Alienaton' for John Howke Esquire., Baron' Latin, parchment, 133/4 x 93/4 in.