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Lease from Thomas Archer of Umberslade Hall, esquire, to George Callow of Solihull, labourer, of a cottage with an adjacent garden plot in Solihull, bounding on certain lands of Captain Rose on the east, the lands of Mr. Robert Devereux called Paternoster on the north and certain lands of Madam Fielding on the south; to hold for 21 years, rendering annually 2s. 6d. at Michaelmas. Signed: George Callow Dated: 3 January 26 Charles II. 1674 Witnesses, endorsed: Simon Archer, Francis Vnite the elder. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter S. Endorsed: [Late 17th, early 18th cent.] George Callowes Lease for A Cottage and plott of ground in Silihull now expired for 21 years neare Libbarcke. Rent 2s. 6d. English, parchment, 133/4 x 71/2 in., indented