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Lease from Andrew Archer of Umberslade Hall, esquire, to George Palmer of Olton End in Solihull', gentleman, of one piece of waste ground containing one acre, being part of a common lying in Olton End in the manor of Solihull called Leawood Heath alias Leoad Heath, this said piece of land adjoining the glebe land of the parsonage of Solihull on the north-east and is divided from the rest of the common by a trench lately made; to hold for 1,000 years, rendering annually 1s. at Michaelmas Signed: George Palmer Dated: 1 November 33 Charles II Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Lane, Oliver Fullwood'. Octagonal seal of red wax with impression made through paper wafer, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [Late 17th, early 18th cent.] Mr Palmers Lease for a windmill upon Lewd Heath, rent 1s. English, parchment, 16 x 131/4 in., indented.