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Lease from Thomas Archer of Umberslade Hall, esquire, and Andrew Archer esquire, his son and heir, to Hannah Ashbye alias Carles of Solyhull, widow, of a cottage in the tenure of the said Hannah, with outhouses, garden, orchards and a piece of land lying in Solyhull, adjoining certain lands belonging to the feoffees of Solyhull and the lane or highway there leading from Solyhull to a place called Blassum field greene and so to Shirley heath; to hold for 41 years [altered from 99 years], from Lady Day last, rendering annually 1s. at Michaelmas. Signed: Hannah Ashbye alias Carles by mark Dated: 20 April 33 Charles II Witnesses, endorsed, Daniel de Ligne, Leigh Archer, Thomas Masters Fragments of red wax on tag Memorandum, endorsed, that the said Hannah was not to assign all or any part of the said property without the consent of the said Andrew Archer, upon pain of making the said lease void English, parchment, 161/2 x 93/4 in., indented