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Lease from Samuel Marowe of Barsewell, esquire, to Henry Huggeforde of Solihull, gentleman, of 2 closes called Samfordes, one called Hither Samfordes and the other called Further Samfordes, also two meadows lying next or almost adjoining the said closes called Samfordes, one called Samfordes meadow and the other the Poole tayle, all which such lands are in Sollihull, between or near other lands of the said Henry Huggeford or of Thomas Huggeforde, gentleman, father of the said Henry, called the Blossome Feildes, Blossome feildes, Riddinge Garrettes Hill, the Calues Close, the Longe meadow, the Wheate close and the Oate close, then in the tenure of the said Henry Huggeford, and lately demised to the said Samuel Marowe by the said Henry Huggeford, Thomas Huggeford, gentleman, and Frances his wife for a term not yet expired; to hold for 7 years, rendering annually £10 at Lady Day; the said lease to be void if the said rent was not paid 20 days beyond the said term. Signed: Henry Huggeford' Dated: 18 August 7 Charles I Witnesses, endorsed: William Hull, Ambrose Rainsford Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/4 in. Endorsed: [Later 17th cent.] Lease from Samuel Marrow Esquire to Henry Hugeford of the Samfords in Solihul for 7 years 101 annu' rent. English, parchment, 171/2 x 101/4 in.