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Bargain and sale from Sir Simon Archer of Tanworth, knight, and Thomas Brockhurst of Barswell, yeoman, to Richard Heath of Tanworth, tanner, for £200 of a a messuage in the tenure of John Medcaufe called Heathfields with orchards, gardens and barns and three closes of ground called Heathfielde on which the said messuage had been built, lying together in Solihull between the lands of the said Sir Simon called Codborrowe croft and the highway, in the tenure of the said John Medcaufe, together with woods, rights and deeds relating to the same; to hold for ever, with warranty against the said Sir Simon, Lady Ann his wife and Richard Archer, esquire, brother of the said Sir Simon. Signed: Richard Heath Dated: 4 November 19 Charles I Witnesses, endorsed: Richard Chamber, William Atwoode the elder, John Wagstaffe Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. Endorsed: [Later 17th cent.] Deed of sale from Sir Simon Archer and Brockhurst to Richard Heath of land in Solihull called Heathfields English, parchment, 221/4 x 23 in., indented, 22 x 6 in.