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Sutton Coldfield


Release from Richard Smythe the younger of the city of Coventry and Sibill his wife to John Harman late of Morehall gentleman for £900 of the right, title, interest in, the lands and tenements in the counties of Staff' and Warwicke which the said Richard and Sibill have in the right of the said Sibill which were the lands and tenements of John Harman late Bishop of Exeter, (excepting lands and tenements in Kings Sutton Coldefield otherwise Sutton Coldefied mentioned in indentures of 9 January 1 Elizabeth [1559/60], which property is now the jointure of Anne, wife of Francis Tallance, and also excepting a yearly rent of 22s 5d. from lands called Master Waters payable to the said Anne Tallance for her life, reserving the said excepted property to the said Richard and Sibill and the heirs of the said Sibill); to hold for ever; the said Richard and Sibill to make assurances of the same in two years if requested. Dated: 1 August 26 Elizabeth Witnesses: John Newport, Francis Tallants, Raphaell Yardly, Henry Rowley, Hugh Burrowes, William Fletcher, Thomas Allott. With copy of fine between John Harman' the younger, gentleman, plaintiff, and Richard Smyth the younger and Sibill his wife, deforciants, of 20 messuages, 20 tofts, one mill, one dovehouse, 20 gardens, 40 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 60 acres of wood, 200 acres of furze and common pasture in Ashefurlonge hith, Whittmore le more, Beaudesert and Tonworth, county Warr', and of the manor of Canwall' with 10 messuages, 10 tofts, 2 water mills, one dovehouse, 20 gardens, 200 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 80 acres of pasture, 100 acres of wood, 20 acres of furze and 10 acres of moor and 100s. rent in Canwall', Bytterfoott, Ton worth, Drayton' Packington, Whittington', Elforde and Bylton', county Staff'. Consideration: 400 marks Dated: At Westminster the Octave of Hilary 27 Elizabeth [1585]. Signed: This is a true coppy of a deed remayning in the custody of Sir John Pearsall of Sugnall in the county of Staff Baronett and of a fine levied uppon the same deed. Examyned by me William Knight. English and Latin, parchment, 22 x 221/4 in.