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Bargain and sale from Andrew Archer of Umberslade Hall, Tanworth, esquire, to Benjamin Palmer of Olton End in Solihull, gentleman, with Andrew Archer, rector of Solihull, clerk, as attorney to deliver Seisin, for £120 of the moor and meadow ground called Lords moor containing about two acres at Olton End in Solihull in the northern corner of the home meadow of the said Benjamin Palmer next to Broome croft, abutting on the road and undivided from the meadow of the said Benjamin; also 14 ridges of land with one headland at the upper end of the same with other 'hades and meares' belonging to the same in Olton End in a certain field and close of the said Benjamin called the Ruddings, extending in length from the highway leading from Sheldon to Solihull down to the Bottome Hadelands of the said Benjamin in the same close and in breadth between the land of William Harrison, formerly Henry Maynes, gentleman, and sometime Clarksone, and the land of the said Benjamin, formerly George Averells; also a close, now divided into two, and a little meadow called Paines land alias Row wood', now called Harpers land, lying in Olton End containing about 8 acres; also one acre of waste ground being part of a common in Olton End called Leawood Heath alaias Lewd Heath and adjoining the glebe land of the parsonage of Solihull on the north-east and divided from the rest of the said common by a trench there, on which a windmill was built by George Palmer, gentleman, deceased; also the said Andrew Archer of Umberslade's right to tithe to the mill pool or mill pool tail of the said Benjamin Palmer in Olton End on any fishing in the same, excepting 10s. 8d. chief rent paid by the said Benjamin to the said Andrew for lands in Solihull, of which 3s was for the said pool; to hold for ever; the said Andrew Archer of Umberslade appointing the said Andrew Archer, rector of Solihull, attorney to deliver Seisin of the same to the said Benjamin Palmer Signed: Benjamin Palmer Dated: 16 February 6 Anne. 1707 Witnesses, endorsed: Circular seal of red wax applied, 1/2 in., a shield with helmet, crest and mantling, the shield quarterly: 1 and 4 a bend; 2 and 3 a chevron between three crescents. Endorsed: [Contemp.] 16: Febr 1707 The Counterparte of Mr Archers Feoffment of Paines Land alias Row Woods the Lords moore Fourteene Lands in readings to Mr Palmer English, parchment, 241/4 x 15 in., indented